Wise – for Illustration Friday

Perhaps the wisest person I knew, my Grandfather was a poet, mathematician, college professor and keenly understood people. He was warm, generous, and highly regarded in the city of Vila Real, Portugal where I would spend summers with him and my grandmother when I was a young child. His first son, ( my father ) became a doctor and went to America to build his success and fortune. His youngest son, an uncle whom I love like a father, stayed in Portugal and became one of Vila Real’s most successful and respected Lawyers. Now that I am a man, I wish my grandfather were still alive, so that we could have great conversations, and that he could impart more of his wisdom on me. A gentle man, he was a giant in my mind. This is a memory drawing, and probably not at all what he looked like, but it reminds me of him, and that’s enough.

Feeling inspired- Barack Obama is President

What wonderful news for us and for the world!


And not just another president, but one who can become a GREAT President.

One who will change the American people, and also inspire the world.

One who can actually give an intelligent and eloquent public speech, full of hope for this great country of ours and for a better world.

One who can unite a nation of different people, of different races, religions, ideals and economic levels.

Hope has just entered the American vocabulary again tonight, with no trace of cynicism.

I am so proud to be an American tonight. I am so proud of my new President.

I am proud to be American in this historic time of change and hope.

Love, Peace, and Hope, to you!